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One of the great heroes of the Christian Faith is Athanasius of Alexandria (296-373AD). He was given a number of soubriquets, including: Athanasius the Confessor, Athanasius the Apostolic, Athanasius Contra Mundum (‘against the world’) and, simply, Athanasius the Great. He began his journey of faith at a tender age. A story is told of Bishop Alexander standing at his window… Read more →

Maggie’s Wallace

On 7th December, I had the privilege of attending the Maggie’s Christmas Carol Concert. As I sat enjoying the cornucopia of readings and music, I reflected on the foundation of the charity and on some additional Bible readings that would have suited the occasion well. For those who have never heard of this charity, Maggie’s Wallace offers a broad range… Read more →

Supporting Syrian Refugees – A Tale of Two Schemes…

As of August 2017 the United Nations Refugee Agency has registered 5,165,502 Syrian refugees. Our church has asked a simple question: how can we be a blessing to these traumatised and displaced people? There is a little team of 14 church members who have tried to answer that question. They have discovered that finding an answer is not easy… and… Read more →

Stand Outside

I’ve very much enjoyed the last few months of doing street outreach on Sunday evenings. The entrance to St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church provides an ideal setting for standing outside, smiling at and engaging with passers-by. For this month’s Messenger letter, I’d like to share a few reflections regarding what goes on and, I hope, encourage more folks to come… Read more →

Humanity failed…

About two years ago a particularly heart wrenching photograph found its way onto social media. It was eventually described as the picture that, ‘broke the internet’s heart’. The photo itself is of a four year-old Syrian girl called Hudea. A Turkish photographer aimed a telephoto lens at her and she thought the camera was a gun. The picture captures the… Read more →

Limitless Resources in Christ

A few days ago our Centre Manager, Eileen, and I attended the Resettling Vulnerable Syrian Refugees conference in Bury St Edmund’s. It was a fascinating and moving experience. After an introduction by the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA), we went through a day of lectures and workshops from some of the agencies stepping forward to support Syrian refugees.… Read more →

Resilient Ministers

I was ordained as a Baptist Minister in the year 2000. This was the first year that I attended the Eastern Baptist Association’s annual gathering of ministers at High Leigh Conference Centre. It’s located in Hoddesdon, just on the outskirts of London. Over the ensuing 17 years, I’ve attended and – more often than not – enjoyed this conference. It’s… Read more →

A thin place…

I first stayed at Sizewell Hall in the winter of 2005 – 30 years after it was opened as a Christian conference centre. The place has a rich and interesting history. It was a large country house which was extended and established as the centre of a 6000 acre farming estate in the mid 19th Century. In 1920 the house… Read more →

“Here we are!”

You’ll be pleased to know that the St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church Baby and Toddler Group (or ‘BTG’ for short) is doing very well. Each term it has followed a similar pattern with regards to attendance: a slow start, a lovely gathering of momentum and a strong finish. We ended in July with a dozen parents/carers and their children per… Read more →

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