Selfish Ambition

Jesus taught that we should not necessarily conform to the practices and patterns of the world around us. For example, the Disciples were challenged by Jesus to question their ambitions and act with ever-greater humility. He emphasised that they should seek to serve one another, rather than be served (e.g. Mark 11:42-45). The instruction was often ignored. Even at the… Read more →

Cricket and Evangelism

For all of you cricket fans out there, I have an unfortunate confession: I didn’t used to enjoy watching the game of cricket. It’s a shocking thing to admit to, I know. A few years ago, I was trying to land my first teaching job and I was eager to impress every headmaster or headmistress who interviewed me. So, when… Read more →

The Work Of The Lord

Greetings from St A’s! Prayer is a beautiful and enjoyable thing.  It can also be a little confusing… Sometimes, sitting in prayer feels very similar to just sitting quietly.  It can be hard to discern what is from the Lord and what is the product of one’s own imagination and rambling mind.  At other times, the Lord’s leading can be… Read more →

Peace Amid The Thorns

Greetings from Cambridge! At last, the months of waiting, praying and preparing have come to a climax and we’ve moved into the new St A’s manse.  It’s a busy and bustling environment, with all sorts of smiling people coming in to paint, plumb, rewire and illuminate the house.  We’re making new friends and it’s bringing back all kinds of memories… Read more →


Greetings from Norwich. There’s a little phrase I won’t be using again for some time!  The month of April is upon us and I can hear the sound of removal lorries warming their engines.  The new St A’s Manse is being renovated at a fantastic pace.  I’ve been so impressed by the combination of love and expertise that the Deacons… Read more →

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