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(I emphasise that bits of this are said in jest!)

NORWICH CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH has been witnessing to the people of Norwich for 343 years.  It has been the home of some of England’s foremost preachers including Dr Gilbert Laws, Charles Shakespeare and Joseph Kinghorn –the leading evangelical luminary of his day.

It’s a large church with a great family atmosphere.  We continue to place tremendous emphasis on our preaching and teaching ministries.

As a church we try to adhere to the fundamental Bible teachings that we should evangelize, nurture each other and worship God together.


Students!  I give you:

…the blesséd home of the Christian mighty…

…Norwich’s foremost defender of true theology…

…Christ’s Body, embodied…



We welcome students and encourage them to simply be part of the family at NCBC.  If you want to come along and be fed by the ministries, to help you better cope with student life, that’s fine!  Likewise, if you want to develop a gifting in musical worship, youth work, techie stuff, prayer, etc., etc., then we’d love to give you the opportunities.  Around 80 different ministries are supported by our church.  There’s lots to get stuck into.


Finding us is laughably easy.  It’s almost impossible to get lost.  We’re on Duke Street, only a couple of minutes from campus by helicopter and 20 minutes on foot (jogging).

Sunday services are at 10.45am and 6.30pm and there’s lots going on throughout the week.

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